Anne Marie Hurley
Founder and Profiler


Anne is an internationally recognized Behavioral and Psychological Profiler who applies her intuitive skills as a business consultant, speaker and educator.


She participates in various research projects and is an integral part of Intuitive Training Conferences across the United States. In fact, she was the first in the country to design an intuitive training course especially for police officers and worked as an elite member of the Murdered and Missing Children’s Task Force. 


Through her company, Discoveries Unlimited—which she established forty years ago – Anne also brings her considerable talents to the corporate world.


Anne has developed a proven method to assist in the hiring of personnel. By using Handwriting and Photo Analysis, she can create a detailed behavioral and psychological profile of the prospective employee. Finding the right person for the right job eliminates the ‘revolving door’ experience that can cost companies thousands in training, time and profit loss—a profile provides invaluable information that cannot be learned from a resume or any other source. 


Hundreds of executives have already benefited from this in-depth viewpoint Anne provides, firmly believing it is the most advanced business tool offered today for profit and success. 


If you’d like to learn more about how to put Anne’s intuitive abilities for the good of your own company, she’d be happy to schedule an appointment.